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Today was the best day of my life. I hope everyone in Team Beatty will get a day like this, eventually. 

First, I got to the mall where Ryan was. And I walked around a bit until I found the stage. There was about like 30 people there. I was expecting so much more but the amount was perfect. I saw Ryan’s dad there and I got this picture:

His dad is really funny and super nice. It was really weird meeting him though. Right after that I stood in front of the stage, there was one little bit of space for front row, so I stood there. It took him about 20 minutes to get on stage, and as soon as he did I shouted “Happy birthday!” and he looked at me, smiled, and said “Thanks!” I WAS LIKE CRYING IT WAS PERFECT.

Right after that, he sung Hey LA. His voice is i n c r e d i b l e in person. He has so much talent omg.

After that he got behind a table and was signing and taking pictures with people. I was the second in line, when it was my turn, I told him I love him, he signed a picture (And my arm), and then he asked me if I was going to the show tonight. I said yes, and walked away. Then I totally forgot about asking him for a hug, and getting a picture with him. So I got back in line and it only took about 10 minutes before I could meet him again. When I met him I got three pictures. And I got to hug him. The hug was literally the best moment of my year so far. I hugged him so tight and my head was on his chest. Then I didn’t even say bye to him after that, I just said “You smell nice!” and walked away omg it was so embarrassing, but it made him + a few other people laugh so it was worth it. And these are two of the pictures ok:

After that I went to Ruby Tuesdays, and it was really good ahahah. 

Then we got to the concert. There was like 40 people in front of me. Me, my sister, my two friends, and my parents all waited for a while. Once we finally got in, we got our tickets and we found a spot where we could all see etc etc etc all that stuff.

Idk like a few of his friends were there or something, but I actually wasn’t sure if they actually we’re but I got my picture with one of them because you never know (~:

Ok well, there’s not much to say about the concert besides that he was perfect. And I also got a picture with one of the opening acts c:

Then, I got to meet him for the third time that day, and the 4th time overall. I walked up to him and asked him if he remembered me. He said he did and it was really great. Then I got this picture

It came out really bad, but stILL ITS RYAN. After that I went home, and wrapped up just about the best day of my life (‘:

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Happy birthday Ryan! 


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can you guys please please please like this if you’re gonna see ryan at the connecticut show c:

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Ryan Beatty + Instagram (1/2)

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